My name is Logan Gray, and I am an intern at Sharp Memorial United Methodist Church. My job includes working with children in Sunday school (ages three to five) and Children’s Church (ages five to ten). I have always loved working with kids, and I had the privilege to do that this past summer while working at Camp Glisson. That experience inspired me to apply for the Sharp internship. When I learned that I received the intern position at Sharp, I was more than excited to start. Though I would soon find out this internship is very different from my camp experience.

Anyone who has ever worked with kids will tell you that it is not an easy job. Younger kids are especially difficult to work with. The youngest group I worked with at Camp Glisson was fourth grade. Through work at camp, I thought I had gained quite a bit of experience with the short attention spans of young children. But after working with three, four, and five year olds, I realized that I still had a lot to learn. On some days, these kids have an attention span of just a matter of seconds. Teaching them was more difficult than I originally expected, and I started to feel like I was not getting through to them despite my best efforts. As weeks went by, I started to feel more comfortable with my role in the church. I still sometimes wondered if I was making a difference in the kids I was working with, but I kept trying my best. Just when I was feeling disheartened, I found out one of the kids came from a broken home. It turned out that Children’s Church was this child’s only reprieve from their chaotic home life. At this point, I realized how important the Sunday school class and Children’s Church are for these kids. This is more than just a Bible story for these kids and is, rather, a hope for them.

Children are the future of the world, but they are not always treated as such. The amount of work and effort put into kids will determine their future. Some people look at children and do not see the importance of working hard for children and investing in them. Through this internship, I see the importance of looking towards children’s futures and choosing to invest in and take care of kids. The future will only be as great as the amount of effort that is put into children.


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