Good Work by Logan Gray

Nothing compares to the feeling one gets when working with children. The reason I feel called to ministry is in part to make a differenUnexpectedce with children. The difficult thing about interning at Sharp is that there aren’t many children who attend the church. A majority of the congregation of Sharp are senior citizens. This means that every now and then there are days where the usual kids that attend children’s church are absent. While some people might see this as having a day off, I see it as a bit of a disappointment.

This type of situation occurred within the last week. Since there were not any kids present to attend children’s church, Monica, my fellow intern, and I decided to spend the time helping out in the nursery. What was a disappointing situation, God turned into a situation that worked for his good. There was a boy who was attending the church for the first time that morning. I found out later that this boy has a parent who is in the hospital under extreme circumstances. While I’m not sure that this boy even remembers me, I feel like God put me in that situation for him. Just like Romans 8:28 says: “we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.”


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