Finding My Place by Seth Black

The only thing that counts is faith expressing

itself through love.

– Galatians 5: 6

My name iFitting ins Seth Black, and I have had the privilege of being an intern at Hayesville First United Methodist Church this semester. In addition to helping out with the service(s) on Sunday mornings (truly testing my ability to wake up so early on the weekends), I also help out with the youth group and children’s ministry. I am a sophomore, but this is only my second semester at Young Harris. I transferred from a school in Nashville, Tennessee with one purpose in mind: finding a place where I felt at home and at peace with opportunities for me to carry out the love Jesus has shown me.

Arriving at this beautiful college, I immediately felt an overwhelming sense of belonging, but something still felt like it was missing. Then, an answered prayer made itself known in the form of this internship. I absolutely love every part of the work that I do, but I must say that I am slightly partial. Being able to work with these kids every Wednesday has probably contributed most to a sense of purpose while I have been at this school. I am not going to lie; there are some days where I could pull my hair out at their blatant disregard for respect, constant screaming, and fighting (seriously, though, there was a fist fight). But once I was taught many lessons on patience, I realized how much some of these kids need structure and a place to come be around those who love them. Some of these children do not have a healthy, stable family life. They may not all like learning new songs to sing on Sundays or having to wait to eat their snack, but they need this. For me, it has been the biggest blessing to be able to provide some sense of love and comfort for these kids who may not get enough at home.

For this reason, Young Harris has become my home. It has allowed me to get poured into but also pour into others who desperately need it. A home is not a piece of property with some type of structure built upon it. A home is a place where your heart allows you to experience the fullness of life with the closest people whom you can learn from and pour into simultaneously. After transferring and because of this opportunity, God has given me a home. I have found my place by finding a purpose through the work He has laid before me. I am overjoyed at this opportunity to show the true definition of being a follower of Christ: love. Simple.


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