Easter Egg Ministry by Andrea Simmonds

eggsEaster has a special place in my heart for many reasons other than the obvious, i.e., Jesus’ resurrection. I was born on Easter Sunday. If you don’t believe me you can check it out. Easter fell on April 11, 1993. I use to think it was so neat when I was little that I had been born on Easter. Easter had no significance to me at 5 or 6 years old beyond the colorful eggs. My family would always get together when I was younger and have Easter egg hunts in my uncle’s cow pasture. My favorite part was finding the prize egg. I loved Easter it was just like Halloween aside from the lack of costumes and prettier colors. However, I began to dislike Easter the year it turned 10.  Easter landed on my birthday again.  I thought it would be exciting—I was wrong. Everyone remembered Easter but forgot my birthday. For lack of a better word, it sucked.

Now that I’m older and have grown in my faith a lot since I was 10, Easter has reclaimed its rightful place as my favorite holiday. It is so much more than the eggs.  But, since everyone always thinks of Easter eggs when they think of Easter, I decided to turn them into a ministry tool.

I bought some of the colorful plastic eggs and placed three sunflower seeds in each egg. I got the idea from a story I’d heard on the radio about a class of grade school children who were given the assignment to put something in their Easter eggs that reminded them of Easter. A lot of the children put jelly beans or other candies in their eggs. Others chose to fill their eggs with flowers or grass. However, there was one little boy who had put nothing in his egg.  While the other little kids taunted him for having nothing in his egg, the teacher asked him why it was that he had nothing in his egg. The little boy had nothing in his egg, because whenever he thought of Easter he thought of Jesus being alive and the tomb being empty.

In my eggs I put the three sunflower seeds to represent three days and to represent the trinity. Also, the seeds were meant to represent light seeing as they are “sun” flower seeds. I also told my kids at church the story I just told you, and I also told them about the parable of the seeds and the sower. I let them know that often times the most we can do is just plant a seed in someone and hope it grows. Most of the time, God does the watering and cultivating for us, but first a seed must be planted. Often times, we don’t get to see the end product. I gave them the seeds so that they could see what it was like to plant and grow their own sun flowers. By giving them a story with the Easter eggs, I’m hoping that they will carry it with them.  Also, I hope that the next time they look at an Easter egg that they won’t think about it being filled with candy but rather think about a tomb that is empty and a God that is very much alive.


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